Frequently Asked Questions

Timeless, Breath-Taking, Story-Telling

You create the moment, whatever the event may be, and we capture precious, breath-taking memoirs of those moments. Our photos have been described as timeless, breath-taking, artistic, unique with style. Yet we carry a style that fits any personality. We capture it for your future children to view!

What makes each session so unique is sometimes the chaos going on around you. Attitudes, Johnny’s strong will may make momma nervous how this photoshoot is going down. When the photoshoot is complete and the finished product is delivered there’s a whole new light on the way the session really went down. These are moments no one can predict will happen and they have become a piece of the storytelling for that day. Stories that will someday be retold to future generations.

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Clothing Tips

When planning a photo session, you may think the beautiful bright color dress is what you want a picture of.  The truth is bright, flashy colors will draw the eye of the beholder straight to the bright, flashy colors.  The person or persons in the picture will be lost...

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Congratulations on your engagement! Marriage is a lifetime commitment that we take as seriously as you do. We understand that the right engagement and wedding photographer is an important investment to make in your relationship. Engagement sessions, destination...

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Did you know?

How did I get my name? Did you know that my brother named me? I come from a family of four other siblings. A few people confuse me with my sister-in-law who shares the same name and sometimes they even confuse me with my other sister-in-law, Aimee. Something about the...

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Do you offer engagement sessions?

Certainly, we do! This is a great way to get to know you before the wedding. They are no longer included in the wedding package. Many of my couples are coming from out of state and do not want the engagement photos.

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Do you have assistants at your shoots?

Absolutely, we do have an assistant with us. We could never do this alone! Assistants help carry equipment and lights, and make sure we are organized capturing photo requests for your big day. We love our assistants! As for Senior and Family Shoots, there are times we...

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Do you Photoshop every image?

No, we do not. Artsy edits are optional. You must pre-order these in your agreement with an additional creative fee, covering the additional time behind the scenes, planning, and editing. We do not sell the artsy digital files. Again, these images are only made...

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Can we Photoshop?

Yes, we do edit and would be glad to Photoshop specific images before ordering prints and delivering your wedding package. We do charge for time involved so please be sure to ask for a price quote. Depending on the simplicity of the request, we may include it in the...

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What are your prices for your photography?

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.  Whether a classic children, family, high school senior session, wedding, or whatever the event, prices are tailored to aid you in obtaining what your needs are for your walls and albums.  You are one step away from...

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