Note Worthy

Wall Hangs

This year has been a main goal to focus on encouraging clients to order art for their walls and future generations. I began with weddings this year along with senior...

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This House of Books

Be sure to swing by This House of Books and see my canvases on display while purchasing books!  We will be relocating all three canvases to hang together here shortly!  :)...

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Imaging USA 2017

This past week I have been down in San Antonio attending the Imaging PPA conference.  Here is a run down of the great time I had while I was there. On Saturday evening, I  met a nice gentleman from Arizona named Bruce Roscoe and several new PPA members. We got into a...

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Christmas Shenanigans | My life

This Christmas was extra special this year.  I don't usually blog a lot about my world or post alot of my family.  For one, they are hardly ever altogether since my sister and her family moved to Texas. I have almost a dozen nieces and nephews.  A lot people tell me...

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2016 in Review

I will say 2016 was overall a very exciting year.  Booking over 70 sessions plus projects motivated my love for photography in all different directions.  Doors opened all around me and sometimes it was a bit overwhelming! I didn't work towards branding my name or...

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Run Down

I'm not one to post much about my personal life. I like to keep my words few when it's about me so I do not become self absorbed. Silence is golden, right? After three decades, I thought I'd share my summer with my followers. In May, my dad had rotary cuff surgery,...

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Good bye Middle School, Hello High School

Looking back on my own junior high days, I do not recall having so many super close friends like these young ladies.  When I received the call from Claire, the coordinator of this session, my heart was all in for helping capture and preserve memories of these close...

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Spring Cleaning

I was spring cleaning today, when I ran across this letter from a dear friend who passed away earlier this last year.  She wrote this to me in 2011.  It was such a powerful letter, as she wrote it in a prayer form. Looking back, I realize this was certainly not an...

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MNA | 2015

I had the opportunity to photograph the 2015 MNA Annual Conference the beginning of October. The conference brought together nonprofit organizations from all over the state of Montana to learn the enrichment of listening and observing how a storyteller relates to...

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Jim & Brandi’s 14th Anniversary

Today Jim & Brandi celebrate their 14th Wedding Anniversary! I am blessed to have them a part of my life. I first met them a few years out of high school at a College and Career Bible Study. They have served The Lord for over ten years in the Billings community....

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